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Benchtop Equipment

Ideal sizes of laboratory equipment


At NBS Scientific, you can find all types of benchtop equipment you may need, in one place. From centrifuges, to incubators, and from mixers & shakers to plate washers. We know very well how important centrifuges are for laboratories, which is why we offer a variety of centrifuge variants from premium life-science manufacturer CAPP. In addition, we have a high-quality incubator from the same brand, for your heating or cooling needs.

With us you have the choice of a clinical centrifuge, ideal for separating blood, a cooling centrifuge, for very different molecular and cellular applications, a microcentrifuge, for very small samples, and a mini centrifuge, for small samples. All centrifuges are equipped with safety features that prevent accidents from happening.


We offer you a very wide range of different mixers and shakers for every application: heaters, mixers, microplate mixers and shakers, 3D shakers, magnetic stirrers, platform shakers, tube rotators and vortexers. Everything you could possibly want in the field of mixing is available from us. We collaborate with leading manufacturers such as CAPP and Vitl.


Many devices are equipped with clearly readable displays, on which you can change all settings and your pre-programmed protocols.

Much attention has been paid to the ease of use, compatibility, and safety of all devices, with several safety mechanisms built in. Finally, we offer a cost-effective plate washer from CAPP, which can accommodate 8, 12, or 16 channels. This plate washer is perfect for small scale plate washing.


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