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GenTegra Stability Reagents

Protect DNA or RNA in a dry state


After you have collected your samples, it is of crucial importance that they are stored properly and do not suffer any damage or deterioration. The common method of sample storage is through cooling in racks, but in this case you are always dependent on a cooling solution, and its functioning. Nowadays there exist highly innovative solutions to store your samples without the need for cooling, and with complete protection against all kinds of damage. Today’s technology offers ease of use and result quality as has never been seen before.


With the technology of today, new worlds are opening up. GenTegra is a renowned American manufacturer of laboratory equipment, specialized in the protection of samples. They have a very wide range, part of which we offer. From solutions for RNA protection, DNA protection, DNA extraction, long-term archival storage of biosamples, to highly innovative paper collection cards, on which you can store your sample for up to 10 years at room temperature. The products offer protection against temperature variations, RNAases, oxidation and catalysis. In addition, all applications are suitable for integration into your workflow.


GenTegra’s protection kits are known to be able to preserve your samples for long periods of time, without the need for additional measures, such as refrigeration. Moreover, a study has shown that GenTegra protects RNA samples better than dry ice. And unlike dry ice, GenTegra protection kits continue to protect your samples beyond days or even weeks.
With GenTegra’s breakthrough products, you can be assured of the safety of your biosamples.

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