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Refrigerated Centrifuge


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CappRondo Refrigerated Centrifuge

Performs different actions with molecular and cellular applications

The Capp Rondo Refrigerated Centrifuge can perform many different actions with molecular and cellular applications, such as ethanol, precipitation, phenol extraction, NA preparation, cell collection or spinning-down the temperature sensitive reaction mixtures.

The centrifuge operates with a maximum speed of 17.000 rpm and offers multiple rotor options. For standard 1.5mL or 2.0mL tubes, the centrifuge offers a 24- or 30 place rotor. Both rotors can accommodate tubes up to 52mm in height, they both have an angle of 45 degrees and a hole diameter of 11.1mm.

Product features

Temperature range

Operating temperatures ranging from -20°C to 40°C. Cools down the samples to the temperature of 4°C in just 5 min.

Lab friendly

 It is also a very silent centrifuge, it produces only 56dB, you can compare this with the sound of a dishwasher.

Energy saving

The centrifuge is equipped with a special funtion, which prevents from unnecessary cooling and frosting while the lid is open, this will save energie.

High quality

The chamber of the centrifuge is made from high quality material, it is rust-free and Teflon coated.

  • Maximum speed 17.000 rpm
  • Different rotor options
  • Temperature range '-20°C to 40°C
  • Cool down samples to 4°C In only 5 minutes
  • Special energie saving function
  • Silent and steady centrifuge

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