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Micronic EFC Rack RM

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Made out of 99% recycled material

The best option for a more sustainable laboratory!

Made from recycled materials
Is easy to recycle after use

The newest development in labware by Micronic, the Micronic EFC Rack RM made of 99% recycled material, is the eco-friendly choice for your lab. The EFC Rack RM can hold 96 tubes from 0.50ml, 0.75ml, 1.10ml or 1.4ml with internal and external threads.

The EFC Rack RM by Micronic is the best solution for laboratories interested in sustainable investing. The EFC Rack RM, which is made of Polypropylene (PP), is considerably easier to recycle. These racks are produced under Clean Room Class 7 conditions and are also Rnase/Dnase free!

The Micronic EFC Rack RM not only contributes to sustainability but is also user- and automation-friendly. The racks are available with 1D barcodes and a human-readable code for visual identification or verification. The racks have automation capabilities that are compatible with the American National Standards Institute/ Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening dimensional footprint. The perfect combination of sustainability, efficiency and quality.

Product features

Made of 99% recycled materials

The Micronic EFC Rack RM is made of 99% recycled material and is made from Polypropylene (PP)

Easier to recycle

Because the Micronic EFC Rack RM is made from Polypropylene the racks are easier to recycle. The sustainable choice for your laboratory!


Compatible with the leading sample storage automation systems.


Unique laser-etched 1D barcode with a human-readable code on the side of the rack

  • Rack material Recycled PP
  • Cover material Highest Purity PP
  • Rack height [Without cover] 15mm - 27mm
  • Rack height [With cover] 31,7mm - 54,7mm
  • Rack length 127,7mm - 127,8mm
  • Rack width 85,5mm
  • Chemical resistance +++
  • Temperature range Vapor phase LN2 to +100ºC

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