NBS Scientific launches a new brand: Basque

NBS Scientific adds a new brand to its portfolio: Basque Engineering + Science

Basque Engineering + Science delivers off the shelf and custom automated frozen aliquotting solutions to the scientific community to preserve sample integrity, increase sample utilization and support major R&D initiatives.

Their mission is to improve the quality of scientific data that helps advance important life-science research and development through technology solutions that preserve biospecimen integrity. The company’s proprietary technology platform provides the global medical research community with repeated and safe access to frozen biosamples for research and discovery.

Frozen Aliquotting Systems

For sample integrity and longevity

The CXT 353 Frozen Sample Aliquotter is a semi-automated bench-top instrument that can aliquot a wide range of frozen samples like tissue, feces, serum, plasma, whole blood, urine, and other biofluids. The CXT 353 can extract multiple frozen aliquots from a single sample, thus increasing utilization of  rare samples for critical studies.