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Riplate PCR Plate

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Clear PCR plate for the best possible analysis

Largest possible surface area for analysis

We are pleased to introduce to you the new disposable 96 well PCR plate from Ritter. This high quality clear microwell plate with a capacity of 150 µL should not be excluded from your consideration set if you are looking for a PCR microwell plate. This Riplate® is skirted, has a low profile, and has slightly raised rims for better sealing. Its format is standard for use in automation systems. The material of the wells is polypropylene, whereas the frame is of polycarbonate. This microplate is equipped with alphanumeric markings, and a barcode is available as an option. The plate is provided with a V-bottom, which is highly suitable for the recovery of samples. The main type of application for this plate is qPCR or PCR. The Riplate® 96 well – 150 µL is manufactured in a class 8 cleanroom, according to ISO 14644-1, and is free from DNA, DNase, RNase, and PCR inhibitors.

Top quality from Ritter

So that you gain the best possible insights

As rapidly growing player on the market, Ritter has a name of producing high quality life-science products. This Riplate® 96 well PCR plate is no exception. It is manufactured of the clearest and purest polypropylene and polycarbonate, providing you with the largest surface area for analysis possible, and at the same time preserving sample integrity during long-term storage. The current plate is not sterile, but it is disposable, which is convenient for many life-science labs. If you are looking for a high-quality PCR plate, this Riplate® is designed for you. Clinical and biotechnological research and laboratory diagnostics require absolute reliability along with the highest level of hygiene. With its high-precision consumables for liquid handling, automated analyses and clinical studies, Ritter ensures streamlined work processes. This facilitates successful and safe laboratory work for better, personalized healthcare worldwide.

Product features

Pure polypropylene and polycarbonate

The wells are made of polypropylene, and the frame of polycarbonate, giving you an excellent surface area for analysis.

V-bottom for excellent recovery of samples

The wells in this microplate are V-bottom type, so your samples will not deteriorate in quality.

Suitable for qPCR or PCR

This plate is ideally suited for PCR applications.

Top quality

Manufactured by renowned manufacturer Ritter, with the highest attention to detail.

Choose clear insight today

With the Riplate PCR Plate

Today’s upliving of different kinds of viruses poses a new challenge for humanity. Fortunately, there exist companies like Ritter, who develop high-quality, safe, and reliable labware, for use in laboratories worldwide. In order to reduce low quality and unreliable test results, it is of paramount importance to use the right equipment. This PCR plate is an essential tool in the toolbox of the modern laboratory scientist. With this microplate, you will be able to perform high quality PCR test analysis, time after time, and reduce false-positive or false-negative results.


The plate dimensions are 127 by 15 by 85 millimeters, and its low profile will save you lots of space. Riplate® microplates come in boxes of 50 plates, and a pallet contains 84 boxes, which equals 4.200 plates. Contact us today for a sharp offer on this high quality piece of lab tech, and take advantage of our bulk discount. If you would like to receive any additional information that has not been mentioned on this page, then surely do not hesitate to contact us directly. We are always by your side with our expertise, knowledge, and professional insight.

  • Clarity Very high
  • Skirted
  • Working Volume 150 μl
  • Material Polypropylene and polycarbonate
  • Coding Barcode
  • Shape V-bottom

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