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Micronic Rack Reader DR900

SKU: MP35231

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Your high-speed code reader for sample racks

Reads 138, 96, 48 or 24 well racks

Reading sample racks has never been easier: place your rack on the DR900 and the camera-based technology ensures a readout time of 3 seconds. This reader’s compact size and high speed allow you to increase your throughput and productivity. The DR900 is capable of reading 138, 96, 48 or 24 well racks, and with an optional 1D-Side Barcode Reader you can also read the barcodes on the side of racks in an instant.

Micronic Code Reader Software

Designed for your convenience

The Micronic Code Reader software has been specially developed to be as user-friendly as possible. The entire contents of your rack are clearly visible in the program’s interface. The software was developed based on extensive user feedback and has many features that prevent downtime and ensure good readings every time. The software allows easy transfer of data to any sample management system your laboratory uses.

Watch the DR900 in action

Micronic DR900 Rack Reader

Product features

Quick read time

The DR900 can read racks in an instant: 3 seconds to be precise.

Compatible with many life science brands

The DR900 is compatible with a variety of labware brands.

Small footprint

The DR900 has small dimensions, making it perfect for any laboratory benchtop.

Reads a variety of racks

The DR900 is suitable for various racks: 138, 96, 48 or 24 well racks.

  • Decoding time 3 seconds
  • Dimensions 17 x 14.5 x 19.35 cm
  • Weight 1.9 kg
  • Code types 2D Data-Matrix/1D Barcode


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