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L.DROP liquid handler

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Dynamic, accurate and connected

The L.DROP non-contact dispenser

L.DROP is a modern liquid handler for genomics and drug discovery. It is designed for laboratories that are willing to use state-of-the-art automation for productivity gains, error reduction, workflow streamlining, optimization of assay performance and elimination of repetitive tasks. The L.DROP is equipped with many features to make your research as error-free and precise as possible. With an operation volume  from 1 – 1000 μL, compatibility with various liquids and a capacity of 20 SBS format microplates, the L.DROP is as versatile as your research needs.

Optimized to handle diverse applications

From cell and gene therapy to general liquid handling

The L.DROP is suitable for many applications in the microfluidics domain. This comprises cell and gene therapy, synthetic biology, among which CRISPR gene editing, genomics such as NGS, DNA-seq, RNA-seq, drug discovery and general liquid handling. Dispendix has developed their own library of protocols which are accessible on-demand from the cloud platform. The cloud based platform allows you to perform any necessary operation without being tethered to the instrument. Collaborate with anyone, anywhere, anytime!

L.DROP product demo

Watch the device in action

Product features

Automated deck calibration and liquid classes

Benefit from the support of intelligent sensors for deck calibration and liquid class selection.

Collaborate with your colleagues

The unique cloud-based functionality allows you to collaborate with anyone across the world.

Trustworthy data with real-time volume verification and sample traceability

The L.DROP is equipped with numerous sensors and cameras to optimize your research to perfect validity.

Suitable for highly complex liquid handling

The true power of the L.DROP liquid handler lies in its ability to perform liquid handling operations in the microfluidics domain. This enables applications in genomics, drug discovery and CRISPR gene editing, making the L.DROP a cutting edge laboratory instrument.

  • Total capacity 20 SBS format microplates
  • Volume range 1 - 1000 μL
  • Operation method Air pressure
  • Cloud connectivity


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