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CAPP Pipette Controller


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High quality and fast pipetting aid

Discover the CAPP Pipette Controller

The CAPP Pipette Controller is a serological pipetting aid, which can fill a 50 mL pipette in less than 10 seconds. With a light weight of only 167 grams, and a battery life of 12 hours, you can keep going in the lab where others stop. The interchangeable pipette holders are made of silicone and are compatible with glass or plastic pipettes in volumes from 0.1 mL to 100 mL. In addition, they are fully autoclavable. The pipetting speed is manually adjustable over a wide range, and gravity delivery and blow-out dispensing modes are also available. An interchangeable 0.2 μm PTFE disc filter serves as a shutdown safety system in case of overfilling. The CAPP Pipette Controller also features a vapor outlet to vent the contents of the pipette.

Forget manual pipetting aids

Pipette endlessly with the CAPP Pipette Controller

Increase throughput in your lab today, while ensuring excellent precision with the CAPP Pipette Controller. Gone are the days of manually filling serological pipettes. With the CAPP Pipette Controller, you have the device for the laboratory of the future. Benefit from endless motorized assistance from this pipette controller, as it can also be used while charging. The power of the CAPP Controller should certainly not be underestimated either, as it can fill serological pipettes in a time frame that other pipetting aids (or let alone manual pipetting aids) can only dream of. With an express dispensing feature, which allows you to depress past the built-in resistance point when pipetting, you can fill a serological pipette with your research material even faster.

Step up to a motorized pipette controller

Discover the benefits for your lab

Are you looking for a pipetting aid for your serological pipettes, but don’t know which one to choose? Then look no further. The CAPP Pipette Controller is the device you need in your laboratory. Have you experienced problems too often with previous instruments, or do you use manual pipetting aids? Then it is definitely worth considering making the move to a motorized, electronic pipetting aid. The benefits you will gain from this will be very great, and the price-quality, or price-utility ratio will be excellent.

Suitable for any kind of laboratory

Take advantage of the agility and power of the CAPP Pipette Controller

The CAPP Pipette Controller is suitable for any size laboratory. Whether you are a beginning laboratory taking the first step toward automation or a high-end research center: the flexibility, endurance and power of the CAPP Pipette Controller will produce excellent results in both. Take advantage of the Pipette Controller’s compatibility with all well-known brands of serological pipettes on the market. Contact us today for a quote.

Product features

Fast and with great endurance

When designing the CAPP Pipette Controller, the highest possible pipetting speed, and the longest possible battery life were taken into account. This makes it the ideal pipette controller for your laboratory.

Much more efficient than a manual pipetting tool

Consider switching to a motorized pipetting tool today, and discover the benefits of motorized pipetting.

Compatible with all brands of serological pipettes

The CAPP Pipette Controller is compatible with all brands of serological pipettes on the market, making this aspect one less concern.

Benefit from excellent value for money

The CAPP Pipette Controller is designed to increase throughput in your lab, and with its industry-leading speed, it will do that in ample measure.

  • Speed 50 ml in 10 seconds
  • Capacity 0,1 ml - 100 ml
  • Weight 167 grams
  • Battery life 12 hours
  • Autoclavable

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