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Electronic Pipettes

For high-precision doses


Gaining the very best insights in the lab requires the very highest precision with pipetting. With the technology of the 21st century, extremely high precision lies within reach. Almost every lab technician is familiar with the manual pipette, but the more advanced lab technician knows that an electronic pipette really makes things easier. In addition, the not to be underestimated advantage is that the burden on the hands is dramatically reduced, and your work speed increased. RSI injuries are naturally lurking during intensive laboratory work.

With an electronic pipette from CAPP, you are assured of the highest precision when pipetting, allowing you to gain the very best insights. CAPP is a highly reputable company, specialised in premium laboratory solutions. You are therefore assured of a quality product. Logically, electronic pipettes offer some advantages over manual pipettes.
Manual pipettes are known to cause a lot of hand discomfort with frequent use. With an automatic pipette, this can be drastically reduced. Another advantage, is that the (repeated) precision of an automatic pipette is higher than that of a manual pipette. An electronic pipette will never miss, or get tired, which is obviously a big advantage. Logically, the price to be paid for such a pipette is higher.


For the automatic pipette, we offer both single channel and multi-channel electronic pipettes. This depends on whether you prefer single tube filling, or multiple tubes at the same time. Our pipettes use the latest technologies and most innovative features, such as an OLED display with a user-friendly interface. Here you can store up to 9 of your favorite functions. This makes it possible to switch to another protocol within two seconds. All in all, this will mean that your work process will be drastically accelerated, and your physical burden drastically reduced.


To speed up the work process even further, we offer the CappTronic Multi Channel automatic pipette. With it, you are able to fill up to 8 tubes simultaneously with extremely high precision. This automatic pipette is known as one of the most user-friendly electronic pipettes on the market. The pipette is equipped with a lithium battery, which has a very long life, and the pipettes are also compatible with the most common pipette tips. A lot of attention has been paid to ergonomics when designing the pipettes, allowing you to pipette endlessly.

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