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Get started using hybrid tubes

Test a small quantity of Micronic tubes, racks, and caps to see if they're suitable for your application

Want to get started using hybrid tubes but first want to test if they’re suitable for your application? Micronic offers Hybrid Tube Small Packs that give you the opportunity to purchase just one unit of racked 0.75ml, 1.40ml, 1.50ml, 2.00ml, 3.00ml, and 6.00ml tubes (10 racks) with grey screw caps.

All Micronic products are produced and assembled in a certified class-7 clean room and are certified as RNase, DNase and Endotoxin (pyrogen) free.

Product features

Optimal seal quality

The triple-start thread provides the most optimal seal for long-term sample storage.

Broad range

The Hybrid Tube Small Packs are available in 0.75ml, 1.40ml, 1.50ml, 2.00ml, 3.00ml (48- and 24-format), and 6.00ml size tubes.


Featuring 4 unique coding concepts: 1D and 2D barcodes, a human readable code, and a blank surface.

Clean Room Production

All Micronic labware is manufactured in a certified class-7 clean room.

  • Quantity of racks 10 racks per unit
  • 1D and 2D codes permanently laser-etched onto tubes
  • Tubes precapped with screw caps
  • Labware produced in class-7 clean room

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"At NBS Scientific I got quick and reliable responses to questions and appointments. All advice and attention was expertly given. We've been happily working together for over 2 years now. "

I experience NBS Scientific as an excellent partner with pleasant employees. I have good contact with them.

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